Where Have all the Newspapers Gone?

Newspaper publishers are struggling to make a profit as news gets disseminated via the internet, hand-held devices, and television 24/7. Last spring, we were notified that our subscription to Madison’s Capital Times would be refunded, as the newspaper would cease to be printed. In May, we learned that our newspaper delivery guy would be unable to continue delivering our newspapers.  While many newspapers offer mail delivery, what good is Monday’s news on Wednesday? In consultation with our library staff, we decided to drop subscriptions to the following newspapers as we were unable to provide access to them on their publication date:

Chicago Tribune (most recent 4 days available at PressDisplay | 30 day archive at publisher’s web site)
St. Paul Pioneer Press (free content at publisher’s web site)
Star Tribune (most recent 60 days available at PressDisplay)
USA Today (most recent 60 days available at PressDisplay)
Wisconsin State Journal (free content at publisher’s web site)

While the printed newspaper will no longer be available for the above titles, access to the current content of these newspapers will be enhanced through our new license to PressDisplay which provides electronic access to over 700 newspapers from 76 countries in 38 languages in full-color and full-page format. Users can browse articles and other key content, such as pictures, advertisements, and classifieds.

Some newspaper subscriptions were already mail delivery and will continue:

Christian Science Monitor
Coulee News
Green Bay Press Gazette
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Onalaska Community Life
India Abroad
Indian Country Today
Washington Post (PressDisplay)

And three newspapers will continue to be delivered in print on a daily basis:

La Crosse Tribune
New York Times
Wall Street Journal

If I hear a great outcry (I’m hearing a low, steady outcry asking for a subscription to Wisconsin State Journal so stay tuned) we will gladly reconsider these decisions.


September 16, 2008. News.

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