Walk lightly! Think of a time.*

I haven’t updated this blog in a long, long time.  I’ve been busy, of course.  Busy is good.  Lately I’ve been in that head-spinning busy where schedules and goals and emergencies are swirling around and it’s difficult to prioritize.  In the midst of this major head-swirling, exciting things are happening at Murphy Library.

1.  Over 700 newspapers from 76 countries in 38 languages in full-color and full-page format are now available for your reading pleasure from PressDisplay. Although two of my favorite newspapers weren’t available when we signed the license agreement, both the Star-Tribune (Minneapolis) and the Chicago Tribune are now included. While most PressDisplay newspapers have a 60 days rolling backfile, access to the Chicago Tribune is only for 4 days, rolling. Still, this is progress! Speaking of progress, it was through browsing through the Tribune via PressDisplay that I discovered that construction is underway on this monstrosity stunning new Chicago landmark, the Chicago Spire. Holy cow.

2. Blackwell is dead, long live Wiley-Blackwell. Yes, the merger between Blackwell and Wiley is complete. All of our Blackwell journals that were available through Blackwell’s Synergy platform are now available through Wiley interScience. At least, they should be. Links from our periodicals locator (the interface formerly known as periodicals holdings list) should be redirecting users to Wiley, but please let me know if things don’t go as planned (use the Questions? Ask a Librarian link from the GetTeXt menu).

3. The web site redesign is now live! The Murphy Library web team has been working with the UW-L web template for a year now and after a long summer of coding, the new web site is finally available. Now that we have lots of good people using this new web, I’m learning more about what new aspects of the design are working and which aren’t. We’ll be making lots of little changes in the coming weeks, all designed to further improve the library research experience.

4. I’m enjoying my first semester of being an embedded librarian. I’m “borrowing” this gig from a colleague on leave, but I already realize I will miss this added interaction with students. I’ve always loved the research process – it’s a game for me – and it’s great to be asked to come along on someone’s research adventure.

5. I’m really hungry. bye.

*Talking Heads, Slippery People


September 11, 2008. Uncategorized.

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