Just Another Day

I’ve used this space thus far to elaborate on the big issues I see in librarianship. Some days as a periodicals librarian, however, aren’t filled with deep thoughts about big, exciting issues, but rather with a growing lists of projects begging for attention. Like today. After a reference shift filled with questions about printing, I’m focusing on updating a bibliography I maintain of core women’s studies books in the area of religion. Later, I’ll get back to trying to fix the display issues on our SFX a-to-z list. Each month we get updates to the user interface that seemingly require me to spend the rest of the month figuring out how to fix the problems the changes create.  I’m still asking begging the vendor to update our Elsevier holdings (begging started in January) so that I don’t have to manually add 232 titles to our College Edition “target”.  Everyday that passes, however, means our users don’t have access to those 232 titles. Access problems pain me.  Oh, and there’s a coworker asking about access problems to another journal, JABA.  And don’t let me forget to set-up that trial to Scopus and starting the annual periodicals title cancellation project.

In addition to working in periodicals and acquisitions I also volunteered to be the web team leader this year.  A year we are undergoing a major web re-design.  I’ve recently started a 12 step program involving the frequent repetition of a simple mantra: no.  Today’s web goal:  set-up new RSS feeds for the library web site redesign that I have to present to the faculty senate library committee on Friday.  Actually, the RSS work led me back to this post, which has sat discarded as various projects pile up.

I believe we used to call this job security.   Blog update (another item crossed off the list).


March 26, 2008. Uncategorized.

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