Harvard & Open Access: Has the Tide Turned?

Have you heard the news out of Cambridge this week? Read the quick and dirty version at the Boston Globe. To summarize, faculty at Harvard will be required to deposit copies of  scholarly articles with a yet-to-be-named Office of Scholarly Communication (within the library of course). This office will then add each paper to an institutional repository, making the research available to anyone in the world who cares to read it. Faculty who wish to publish their research in journals that do not allow them to retain their copyright can file a waiver.

I am cautiously excited about this news. If other universities (University of Wisconsin anyone?) quickly follow suit, I think the open access movement will gather some inspiring momentum.

The blogging world has already contributed many thoughtful pieces on the Harvard decision. If you are interested in reading further, try Dorothea Salo’s piece in Caveat Lector and Peter Suber’s post from Open Access News, which includes background and the full text of the Harvard statement.

Rock on open access, rock on!


February 14, 2008. Open Access.

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  1. Dorothea replied:

    We should get together and talk! I love LaCrosse and I have a friend in the public library there. I had no idea this blog existed, and I’m so happy to see it! Subscribed.

    –Your Friendly Neighborhood MINDS@UW Librarian

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