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Our UW-L LibX library toolbar is live! If you haven’t heard of LibX, it’s this amazing grant-funded, open-source project from Annette Bailey (digital assets librarian) and Godmar Back (assistant professor in CS) of Virginia Tech Tech University. You can find out all the good techie stuff at http://libx.org/.

Anyone who has done a Google search in the last six months understands why we need a toolbar that will link users from the general internet back to our library systems. Our users are running into licensed library content through Google searches, but having no idea that their library has paid for access. If these users are off-campus, they may not understand why they are being asked to pay for the content. The toolbar enables users to link from Google to our link resolver, enabling users to seamlessly access licensed journal content, or be redirected to our interlibrary loan/document delivery service.

For example, suppose I was running a Google search for information regarding the French middle paleolithic era (which I just happened to run into today).

Google Search

I see that there is a a great looking article from JSTOR that seems to contain just what I’m looking for, so I follow the link only to hit this roadblock:

JSTOR roadblock.

Upsetting! But I’m forgetting the power of the toolbar. I simply click the DOI link for the JSTOR article: and link to our familiar GetTeXt menu.



After following the full text online link from GetTeXt, I am prompted to authenticate through our proxy server, and reach my article.

Any time you find a DOI or an ISSN or ISBN number on a web page, you should notice that they are all hyperlinked. Clicking on any of these will take you to the GetTeXt menu where you should be able to choose from a variety of library services.

What’s your favorite LibX story? If LibX is saving you time, please leave a comment.


January 25, 2008. News.

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