Time to Organize the Boycott?

Sometimes I feel like a really cantankerous librarian, whining about how my periodicals budget has been cannibalized by extraordinary inflation costs and no cost of living increases from year to year. Lately, though, I get the feeling that I am not alone in my ranting. Please take a moment to read this post by James Council, Dean of Libraries at North Dakota State University on Academic Journals and the Publishers who Publish Them. Council mentions how the “…Max Planck Institute of Germany canceled 1200 Springer journals due to Springer’s refusal to negotiate reasonable prices.” This full story of how an institution just flat out WALKED AWAY from a publisher making ridiculously high profits is available at Peter Suber’s excellent blog, Open Access News.


October 27, 2007. journal pricing.

One Comment

  1. Galadriel replied:

    You know, it’s really, really heartening to see that *someone* is willing to just walk away – I wish that this happened more often, and that our profession supported it more.

    I keep thinking about how I’ve heard other librarians cite their good relationships with sales reps over the years as a reason not to walk away even though – to me – these relationships are pretty unhealthy, especially for library budgets.

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